The Sacred Self-Love Society

Mission Statement

The Sacred Self-Love Society is a virtual community space dedicated to helping people cultivate their own sacred self-love practice using the teachings of ancient spiritual & wellness traditions and yoga philosophy.

The Sacred Self-Love Society:
I am passionate about sharing the practice of yoga with others. I am even more passionate about sharing sustainable tools for people to lean into their own sacred self-love practice. At the core we are joy, and we all deserve to come into our natural state of joy as often as possible, which is the goal of yoga. When we do this, we are able to create space for more peace, love, and ease in our lives.

The Sacred Self-Love Society is for those of us who are searching for sustainable ways to create the lives we want. I am super excited to share the tools I have used and continue to use to recover from depression, devastating life changes, heartbreak, lack mentality, and more. Tools like breath work, meditation, mindful movement, self-exploration, and creative play are paramount to this sacred self-love practice.

Furthermore, this practice should be accessible to all, which is why I am offering monthly tiers of membership to the SSLS. Each tier offers the same benefits, although the pricing is different. I ask that you choose the tier that is most accessible to you, and if you are able to invest more, please do.

This offering is for the collective, including myself as this helps me heal, and is also my work and a means for me to support my livelihood. 

Thank you for joining me in this practice. 

Wishing you peace, love, ease, and liberation,


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